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Continuos Agglomeration Plant

Equipment designed for the agglomeration of food mixtures, to obtain agglomerated finished products with "instantaneous" characteristics through a binder wetting process, generally sugar, which incorporates the powders present in the mixture.

The re-humidification granulation system makes it possible to obtain finished product with high dispersibility properties.

The mixture of powders is dosed through a perforated network by means of a system with adjustable capacity.

The mixture is then humidified in line by means of steam injection and then processed by an agglomeration fluidized bed where granule formation occurs.

The agglomerates are then dried in the end part of the fluidized bed and are stabilized with air inside a rotating cylinder.

Products to be granulated

  • Sugar-based mixtures (with cocoa, cocoa-milk, coffee extract).

  • Coffee with milk, sugar.

  • Tea and chamomile extracts, sugar.

  • Skim milk and soy milk, sugar.

Instant plant process flow sheet
Instant plant process
flow sheet