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Chocolate Cores Forming Line

Chocolate or compound continuous forming rollers to produce small solid chocolate shapes can be produced like balls, eggs, lentils, coffee beans, almond, heart etc.

Formatec main features

  • Rollers manufactured with centrifugal bronze to improve heat exchange or stainless steel according to request.

  • Rolls length from 400 up to 1.200 mm width.

  • Forming group designed for installation above a cooling tunnel infeed to allow a quick change over of shape.

  • Forming chamber completely close during the operation with dry air circulation to avoid ice formation.

  • High efficiency cooling tunnel.

  • Separating drum.

  • Forced circulation of the coolant with temperature between - 20 and - 25 in a special jacket inside the rollers to achieve a very precise temperature across the width of the rollers.

  • Gap adjustment for web thickness and product cores alignment are easily adjustable.

Chocolate centers forming roll
Chocolate centers
Forming Roll

Working widths capacity

* According to shape of product.

400 mm Throughput* 200 Kg/h.

600 mm Throughput* 300 Kg/h.

800 mm Throughput* 400 Kg/h.

1000 mm Throughput* 500 Kg/h.

1200 mm Throughput* 600 Kg/h .