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Coatec Chocolate

Automatic Coating Pans

The basic concept of our design is to propose a machine simple and flexible to use, with very low maintenance cost and shut down time, with ergonomic design, to be kept always under hygienic conditions, that could give high performance and most important, getting the expected results.

Coatec C for chocolate, compound coating and polishing

  • Chocolate application and polishing in one step in the same drum.

  • Special mixing baffles design for even chocolate coverage.

Coatec C 300
Coatec C 300
  • Chocolate spray bar with a high number of sprinklers for an even and fast application of chocolate.

  • High-capacity spray guns with heating chamber.

  • Infrared elements on the outside of the drum to regulate its temperature and keep the inside surface cleaned from chocolate.

  • Integrated CIP for coating drum and spry system.

  • Dehumidified process air over a wide surface of product exposed to the cooling air.

  • Automatic dosing and distribution of polishing solutions.

Coatec C 500 during process
during process
Coatec C 500

Capacity available

* Based on product bulk density 0,8.

450 liters Up to 350 Kg/batch* Maximum product bed depth 375 mm.

750 liters Up to 600 Kg/batch* Maximum product bed depth 375 mm.

950 liters Up to 750 Kg/batch* Maximum product bed depth 375 mm.

1650 liters Up to 1300 Kg/batch* Maximum product bed depth 450 mm.

2650 liters Up to 2100 Kg/batch* Maximum product bed depth 500 mm.

detail Coatec C working
Coatec C working


Soft coating is a combination of syrup and powder application. The video start with syrup application followed by a period of duistribution of the solution over the product, and ends with powder application.

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To coat with chocolate different kind of centers like, almond, peanuts, extruded cereals balls, raisins and more.

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