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Chocolate cores forming line

To produce small solid chocolate balls, eggs, lentils, coffee beans, almond, heart etc.

Main features

  • Forming group fully closed to keep the forming chamber in dry atmosphere to avoid ice formation on the surface of the forming rolls.

  • Forming rolls with forced glycolated water circulation inside, with temperature of the water at -22ºC.

  • Continuous chocolate feeding under pressure to achieve uniform distribution along the forming rolls.

  • Double jacketed chocolate feeding hopper.

  • Cooling tunnel with two indipendent cooling zones.

  • Easy adjustment of the air speed inside the cooling tunnel.

  • Covering of the cooling tunnel with removable panels, the panels are with skin plate sandwich construction with injection of high density polyurethane.

  • Cores separating and cleaning drum with adjustable speed and inclination.

Optional available

  • Cooling generation group for glycolated water.

  • Multi forming group installation.

Formatec forming chamber
forming chamber

Available Models

Formatec 150 rolls with Ø300 mm, length 400 mm, throughput up to 150 kg/h.

Formatec 200 rolls with Ø400 mm, length 400 mm, throughput up to 200 kg/h.

Formatec 300 rolls with Ø400 mm, length 600 mm, throughput up to 300 kg/h.

Formatec 400 rolls with Ø400 mm, length 800 mm, throughput up to 400 kg/h.

Formatec 600 rolls with Ø400 mm, length 1200 mm, throughput up to 600 kg/h.