Imagen cabecera Coatec Jarabe

Coatec Syrup

To coat centers with sugar, sugarless solution.

The drum of the coatec has a longitudinal development to achieve the best product exposure to the process air during the coating process.

Main features

  • Application of hard and soft coating with automatic powder dispenser.

  • Low product bed.

  • High surface of the product exposed to the process air.

  • Process air at – 15ºC dew point.

  • Solid drum.

  • High Hygienic standards.

  • Low maintenance level.

  • 99.9% efficiency.

  • Syrup spry gun, IPIAL design, air less and self-cleaning.

  • Air treatment, IPIAL design, with moisture absorption by silica gel rotor.

  • Automatic, self-cleaning dust aspiration filters.

  • Production of any kind of sugar coated items including waxing within 4 hours for 30% shell.

Available models

Coatec 300 with 440 liters capacity.

Coatec 500 with 780 liters capacity.

Coatec 1000 with 1650 liters capacity.

Coatec 2000 with 2650 liters capacity.