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Ip Clima

Air Handling Unit

Ip Clima is an air treatment unit which controls the humidity of the air.

The dehumidifier works according to the adsorption principle.

The adsorbent is connected with an inorganic fiber that has the form of a rotor and rotates slowly by means of a small driving motor.

Ip Clima 18.000 m³/h
Ip Clima 18.000 m³/h

Main aplication fields

  • Corrosion prevention.

  • Condensation prevention.

  • Fungus and mildew prevention.

  • Wetting prevention.

  • Product drying.

  • Humidity control in cooling room.

Ip Clima main features

  • Air drying with silicate gel desiccant rotor.

  • Automatic regulation of the air flow and its humidity as needed.

  • High dehumidifying capacity.

  • Reduction of air humidity from any climatic condition up to an absolute humidity of less than 1gr/kg of air.

  • Easy to operate and management, low operating cost.

  • Long life and durable.

  • From 300 to 25000 Cubic m3/h.

Air inlet view Ip Clima 18.000 m³/h
Air inlet view
Ip Clima 18.000 m³/h