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Ipial was founded in 2000 in Madrid, Spain, with a group of dedicated engineers whose primary skills lay in the design and manufacture of equipment for the confectionery and food industry. Its main mission is to manufacture high-quality machinery, offering its customers competitive and effective products.

The company’s engineer’s high level of know-how, acquired over more than 40 years, allows them allows them to stay at the forefront of technological evolution. This gives Ipial the ability to match the technical specification requested by its customers to get their complete satisfaction.

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Ipial’s standard production range of machines is oriented towards the manufacturers of chocolate and candies which include:

  • Chocolate chilled rolls forming lines.

  • Automatic sugar, sugar free and chocolate coating pans.

  • Air-dehumidification units with desiccant wheel.

  • Automatic chocolate tempering machines.

  • Chocolate-enrobing line with different design of cooling tunnels.

  • Food mixture granulation plant by rewetting.

  • Air dehumidification plant with desiccant wheel.

Products developed by Ipial

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Ipial has been offering and developing a continuous partnership and service with customers satisfaction to all his customer including major multinationals groups as well as medium size companies.

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